7 Best Tanning Oils To Accelerate Your Tan

Best Tanning Oils To Accelerate Your Tan

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If you’ve already got a base tan and are looking for that added boost at the end of your holiday, a tanning oil might be the way forward for you!

In this article, we will guide you through seven of the best tanning oils on the market that promise accelerated results.

Ready to transform into a bronzed beauty faster than ever before? Read on!

What are the Best Tanning Oils?

Image Recommended ProductsProduct Features Price
Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil
  • 8 fl oz Bottle
  • Squeeze Flip Cap Lid
  • Fragrance-free formula for all skin types
Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray
  • 8.5 fl oz bottle
  • Spray Cap Design
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 15 .
Banana Boat Tanning Oil
  • 8 fl oz bottle
  • Spray Cap Design
  • Water resistant with SPF 15
Carroten Intensive Tanning Oil
  • 4.23 fl oz bottle
  • Spray Lid Design
  • Travel Friendly Option
Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Spray SPF 15
  • 8 fl oz bottle
  • Spray Lid Design
  • Soothing Coconut Scent
Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil
  • 3.7 fl oz bottle
  • Flip Cap Squeeze Application
  • Vegan Watermelon Seed Oil
b.tan ‘Tropic Like its Hot’ SPF 15 Dry Tanning Oil
  • 8 fl oz bottle
  • Spray Lid Design
  • Dry Oil Formula with SPF 15

In-Depth Tanning Oil Reviews

Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil

Get a deep, dark tan with Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil, a natural and product that provides an instant beach vacation, perfect for sun-lovers seeking a beautiful golden hue.

    Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil Review

    This Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil is packed with good stuff like Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree Oil, which not only helped me tan faster but also fought off those pesky free radicals!

    I found that the product wasn’t too greasy at all, considering it is an oil formula. No sticky or uncomfortable feeling – it just soaks right in for quicker results.

    I used the product by applying it over a separate sunscreen, I wouldn’t say you have to specifically pair it with another Australian Gold product, just one that suits you!

    By applying the oil over my sunscreen it gave me an immediate glow which made the sun reflect my skin resulting in a deeper, darker tan after only an hour or so in the sun!

    I would only really recommend this product for more olive skin types or those who have their skin used to the sun, I could definitely feel the rays penetrating my skin more with the product on, so be sure to have at least SPF 30 underneath if you have fairer skin to avoid burning.

    Australian Gold Oil is a go-to for those who want to avoid an overpowering scent, and achieve a darker tan at a low price!


    • Kakadu Plum extract and Tea Tree Oil fight off free radicals and cleanse the skin
    • Great for layering on top of sunscreen without an ultra-greasy look and feel
    • Carrot Oil enhances your tan to achieve a natural, bronzed look


    • Does not contain sunscreen, so additional sun protection is required
    • The cap can be a bit more messy to work with unlike a spray applicator

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    Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray

    The Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray is the perfect choice for sun-lovers looking for safe and ultra-moisturizing UV protection that won't compromise their golden tan.

      Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray Review

      Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray has earned its place as one of my top tanning oils for those gorgeous sunny days when I’m all about getting that golden glow. 

      First up, this product is a dream for anyone conscious about their skin health and environment.

      Being Vegan, Hawaii 104 Reef Act Compliant, Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free means it’s not only kind to your skin but also our beloved oceans.

      One element I truly appreciate is the blend of moisturizing UVA/UVB protection.

      Given some of my past experience with tanning oils, either they are too light on protection or too heavy leaving me feeling uncomfortable in my own skin – quite literally! 

      Sun Bum strikes just the right balance; It moisturizes while offering sun protection against harmful UV rays while aiding in achieving a bronzed look safely.

      This product is great as a singular tanning aid as you don’t need to worry about layering it with a separate sunscreen, however, be mindful that it is only SPF 15.


      • The SPF keeps you protected whilst tanning so no need to layer with sunscreen
      • Really moisturizing but doesn't make your skin greasy
      • Helps achieve a golden brown tan while keeping the skin nourished and silky smooth


      • Not suitable for those who prefer a higher level of sun protection
      • Formula is not reef safe so not recommended to use at the beach for marine safety
      • Spray lid known to leak slightly for some users after time

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      Banana Boat Tanning Oil

      Experience a reef friendly glow and SPF protection with this Banana Boat Tanning Oil, your go-to for achieving a beautiful tan while keeping your skin shielded from harmful UV rays.

        Banana Boat Tanning Oil Review

        The beauty of the Banana Boat tanning oil lies in its sheer, lightweight formula which incorporates the nourishing goodness of coconut oil.

        It enables you to get beautifully bronzed while also taking care of your skin’s moisture needs. 

        The scent of this tanning oil I found perfect, not overpowering but had the perfect vacation feel with a mixture of coconut and banana.

        Despite being edged out by-products with higher SPF ratings (essential for those with fairer skin), this Banana Boat oil retained its rank due to affordability and consistent user satisfaction testament. 

        Its eco-friendly formulation is made without oxybenzone or octinoxate aligns perfectly with millennials’ growing preference towards reef-safe sunscreens.

        I found the applicator to be helpful at first as you can spray straight onto your body or somebody else without having to smother it all over your hands, but i found over time the lid became faulty and awkward to use, after checking reviews it seems this has happened to others so worth keeping in mind.


        • Pleasent tropical scent that isnt too much for you or others around you
        • Non - greasy and lightweight feel for comfortable application and wear throughout the day
        • Reef - friendly formula made without oxybenzone or octinoxate, ensuring that it's safe for marine life


        • Spray applicator known to get clogged with some users, suggested to wipe bottle after use

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        Carroten Intensive Tanning Oil

        A travel friendly tan accelerator that features a coconut oil formula that deeply nourishes and hydrates your skin for the deepest tan.

          Carroten Intensive Tanning Oil Review

          Carroten Intensive Tanning Oil is the ace up your sleeve for a quick and natural tan.

          A masterful blend of carrot, coconut, black walnut, and sunflower oils, this concoction works its magic on your skin resulting in an enviable tan while also healthily moisturizing it.

          As someone who’s always sought that perfect balance between tanning and skincare myself, I can confidently say that this product hits the right notes.

          This tanning oil considers long-term skin health as well by incorporating Vitamins A&E – effective shields against free radicals infamous for causing premature aging. 

          Words of wisdom would be to apply evenly and generously over the entire body after applying sunscreen.

          This product does not contain screening filters nor protect from UV radiation, so ensure you have a safe base layer underneath!

          The oil itself I found comfortable after application, there is a scent but nothing major and I wouldnt say it smells of anything specific. 

          As I applied on my skin there is a slightly orange tinge, I didnt find a problem with this but if you have pale skin i’d probably avoid this product as the colour will show up.

          Its worth noting that this bottle is glass, which does give it a more sleek and expensive look, but overall i’d prefer a plastic bottle to avoid smashing and to save some extra weight in my bag!


          • The ingredients included in the formula ensure your skin remains moisturized whilst tanning
          • Scent is pleasant and not too intense
          • Perfect for those with darker skin looking for that deep tan


          • Glass bottle is less suitable for many
          • Does not contain SPF
          • May stain clothing or other surfaces if not properly absorbed into the skin

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          Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Spray SPF 15

          A luscious blend of coconut, exotic fruits, and soothing floral scents within a hydrating dry oil formula, leaves your skin with a radiant tan

            Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Spray SPF 15 Review

            Enter Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil Spray SPF 15, your best bet for that sought-after sun-tanned glow.

            Injected with coconut-scented exotic island botanicals, it does more than darken your skin; it nourishes and moisturizes it too.

            The lightweight feel of this oil is something worth mentioning – no heaviness or stickiness typically associated with other oils on the market.

            I think the non-greasy feel is due to the dry oil formula which has become my personal preference when it comes to tanning oil.

            It’s as if you’re wearing nothing at all, the only downside is that the dry oil can be slightly more difficult to blend so you have to work quickly before it soaks straight in! 

            Ofcourse a main feature of this product is the UVA and UVB protection which ensures your skin remains shielded from harmful rays.

            From packaging to application down to results – everything spells quality and attention to user experience.


            • Really affordable for the amount of product you get
            • Pleasant hawaiian tropic scent smells fruity and coconutty
            • Dry oil avoids any greasy residue and blends quickly into the skin


            • Lower SPF may not provide sufficient protection for those with fair skin
            • Some users product became congealed which would not pass through spray nossle
            • Bottle is not transparent so you are unable to see when product is almost out

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            Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil

            Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil nourishes skin with natural oils, offering a refreshingly light and non-greasy feel with added fruity scent.

              Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil Review

              If you’re looking for an aesthetic looking oil this summer, this boujey bottle isone for you.

              Packed in a handy 100ml/3.4 fl oz bottle, this melanin stimulator not only delighted my senses with its fruity watermelon scent but also delivered an enviable deep golden glow that had my friends asking for my secret. 

              The lightweight formula was great,  it’s non-greasy and applies smoothly across the skin without any struggle.

              The applicator I didnt find ideal, I personally prefer a spray lid but the shape of the bottle actually makes for easy application.

              This tanning oil doubles as excellent skincare, thanks to its hydration benefits from being infused with natural oils.

              The watermelon seed oil paired with antioxidants works wonders in nourishing one’s skin while warding off early signs of aging.

              With SPF 6 there is a small protection against UV rays, but personally not enough for me, If they announced an SPF 15 version I would be front of the line.


              • Creates a stunning tan with a delightful watermelon scent
              • Suitable for all skin types, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
              • Lightweight and non - greasy formula for comfortable wear
              • Nourishes the skin with minerals and antioxidants, while stimulating melanin production for a deep golden glow


              • Low SPF: This tanning oil does not provide much UV protection
              • The watermelon scent and color of the oil may potentially stain clothing or towels. It is recommended to allow the product to fully absorb into the skin before coming into contact with fabric.
              • The 100ml/3.4 fl oz size may not be enough for prolonged use, especially if you plan on applying it regularly throughout the summer season.

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              b.tan ‘Tropic Like its Hot’ SPF 15 Dry Tanning Oil

              The b.tan SPF 15 Deep Dry Spray Tanning Oil is best for adventurous sun-lovers who are looking to get a dark and deep tan in an easy to use vegan, cruelty-free product.

                b.tan ‘Tropic Like its Hot’ SPF 15 Dry Tanning Oil Review

                Suffice to say, this dry oil lived up to its tantalizing promise of a “Tropic Glow”.

                The spray is incredibly lightweight and dries quickly, leaving no residue on my skin – a refreshing change from the heavy lotions.

                What sets this product apart though is its blend of grapefruit and tangerine essences. It’s like having a citrusy cocktail for your skin! 

                The SPF 15 included in the formula is ideal for sunbathing sessions, there was much less risk of burning and it avoided my skin going red before brown.

                As this b.tan product is a dry oil, the spray applicator was perfect for it and it was supper easy to apply, it dries very quickly so work quickly with the oil and ensure and even coverage.

                A main point to say is that this dry oil contains a very small amount of self tanner, which makes it all the more important to apply evenly, or theres a likelihood for a patchy tan!

                Overall it’s clear that b.tan has not only focused on delivering deeper tanning results but also packed essential nutrients into its eco-friendly bottle.

                No parabens or regrets here – just beautifully bronzed skin that’s protected from harmful rays.


                • SPF ensures you can cchieve a natural and deep tan while protecting your skin
                • Dry oil formula isnt greasy and soaks nicely into the skin
                • The infusion of pink grapefruit and tangerine smells delicious, different to any othe tanning oil


                • Can cause streaking or uneven application if not properly sprayed and blended
                • Some may find the strong citrus scent slightly overpowering

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                What is Tanning Oil?

                Tanning oil is a special type of skin product specifically designed to accelerate the process of sun tanning.

                It works by attracting and focusing UV rays onto your skin for quicker, more effective bronzing results.

                Typically, it contains ingredients like melanin or L-tyrosine that boost melanin production in your body – the pigment responsible for giving your skin a tanned appearance.

                So, if you’re thinking about flaunting a sun-kissed look this summer, getting hold of the best drugstore tanning oil may be a good starting point.

                The market offers an array of choices from basic oils to those saturated with beneficial vitamins and hydrating components such as Aloe Vera or Cocoa Butter.

                Some are even packed with natural antioxidants known for their excellent anti-aging properties! 

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                Top Tips for Using Tanning Oil Safely

                Ready to step up your tanning game? Here’s how to do it safely using one of the best sun tan oils out there.

                If no SPF Always Apply Sunscreen First: Tanning oil is not a substitute for sun protection.

                Be sure to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 before applying tanning oil.

                Use Sparingly: More isn’t always better — especially when it comes to tanning oil. Too much oil can lead to clogged pores and skin breakouts.

                Avoid Peak Sun Hours: The sun’s rays are strongest between 10am and 4pm, so avoid bathing out in the sun for too long between these times.

                Reapply Often: Even the best drugstore tanning oil wears off over time. Make sure you reapply every two hours and after swimming or excessive sweating.

                Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water while you’re out in the sun, as spending extended periods in the heat can dehydrate you.

                Monitor Your Skin: Know your body and regularly check for any changes or abnormalities on your skin, like unusual moles or patches that may indicate something more serious.

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                Benefits of Tanning Oil

                The main benefit of tanning oil is that it helps to enhance your tan and achieve a deeper, more golden color.

                The oil works by attracting and absorbing the sun’s rays, which in turn stimulates melanin production in your skin.

                This results in a faster and more intensified tan compared to just lying out without any product.

                Additionally, tanning oil can give your skin a beautiful glow while also helping to even out your tan.

                Some oils contain light-reflecting particles or shimmer that create a luminous effect on your skin, making you look radiant and bronzed.

                Just remember to choose an SPF-infused option if you’re planning on spending extended periods of time under the sun for added protection against harmful UV rays!

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                In conclusion, achieving a beautiful tan is easier than ever with the help of these top-rated tanning oils. 

                Whether you prefer the hydrating and nourishing benefits of Australian Gold Dark Intensifier Tanning Oil or the natural approach to sun care provided by Sun Bum SPF 15 Tanning Oil Spray, both products are sure to enhance your tanning experience.

                Overall, I recommend a dry oil if you want to avoid that greasy residue feeling on your skin, and for the safest possible option go for a SPF-infused formula.

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                How do tanning oils accelerate the tanning process?

                Tanning oils contain ingredients that amplify the effects of UV rays on the skin, helping to promote a faster and deeper tan.

                Can I use tanning oil without sunscreen?

                While some tanning oils may have low SPF protection, it is generally recommended to use a separate sunscreen with higher SPF when using tanning oil to ensure adequate sun protection.


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