Coco and Eve Self Tanner Review

Coco and Eve Self Tanner Review

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My quest to find the best self-tanner recently led me to Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, a product surrounded by claims of transformative results. 

Intrigued by the possibilities, I put this tanning foam to the test, determined to discover whether it truly lives up to its reputation. 

Brace yourself; the insights in this review might just revolutionize your entire tanning experience.

Coco and Eve Self Tanner


Ease of Use

Key Features

  • 6.7 fl oz Bottle
  • Pump Dispenser
  • Mousse Formula
  • Blurs pigmentation
  • Lightweight & Non Sticky


Coco & Eve Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam: My Verdict

My curiosity about achieving a flawless tan led me to Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam, a product that claims transformative results. 

After using it extensively, I’m excited to share my comprehensive review with you.


Firstly, let’s talk about the color. This bronzing foam truly delivers on its promise of a deep and gorgeous tan. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity and richness of the color it provided. It effortlessly gave my skin a healthy sun-kissed appearance that I absolutely loved.


The application process was a breeze. I’m a fan of foam tanners due to their ease of use, and this one didn’t disappoint.

I used my own tanning mitt, which worked well in spreading the foam evenly and avoiding streaks

The pump mechanism was convenient and allowed for controlled dispensing. 

The foam consistency made application smoother compared to liquid tanners, and it glided effortlessly across my skin, ensuring even coverage.

However, if you have dry skin, I’d highly recommend moisturizing before applying the bronzing foam. 

While it didn’t leave my skin feeling parched, I noticed that areas of my skin prone to dryness required some extra care to avoid uneven color absorption.


I opted for the medium shade, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it suited my skin tone without needing a base tan. 

If you’re seeking an even deeper tan or if you naturally have an olive complexion, the dark shade of the Coco & Eve Self Tanner might be a better fit for you.


To fully experience the potential of the tan, I left the foam on overnight. The next morning, I noticed a significant development in the color, which was impressive.

After showering, the color settled into a perfect and natural-looking tan, which stayed for a good few days. It’s worth noting that like many tanners, it did feel a bit sticky to sleep in, but that’s a common trade-off.


To my delight, the tan remained vibrant and true for an impressive duration of about five days.

During this period, I noticed minimal signs of fading or patchiness, allowing me to confidently flaunt my tan without worrying about constant touch-ups. 

This longevity proved especially valuable in maintaining a consistent appearance for various occasions and events.

Blurs imperfections

I love how the Coco & Eve Self Tanner blurs imperfections on my skin. The lightweight formula glides on smoothly and evens out any uneven areas or blemishes, giving me a flawless look.

Whether it’s acne scars or stretch marks, this self tanner does an amazing job of minimizing their appearance so that you can confidently show off your skin.


As for the scent, it was neither amazing nor unpleasant. It was acceptable, and the slight scent didn’t linger for too long after application.

The scent has hints of mango and guava that make the application process enjoyable. 

I appreciate that Coco & Eve prioritizes using ingredients that are good for my skin, with no nasties included.


In conclusion, Coco & Eve’s Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam certainly lived up to its claims. 

The depth of color, easy application, and decent staying power make it a strong contender in the tanning product market. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it and would definitely consider purchasing it again in the future for its impressive performance and natural results.

Coco and Eve Self Tanner At A Glance


  • Coco & Eve's Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam delivers a deep and authentic tan color, providing a sun-kissed glow that looks natural and radiant.
  • The bronzing foam's gradual fading ensures that the tan diminishes naturally over time, avoiding sudden color changes and maintaining a more realistic appearance.
  • Enriched with skin-nourishing components like coconut and antioxidants, the formula moisturizes and cares for the skin while enhancing the tanning experience.


  • Some users might find the bronzing foam to be slightly sticky upon application. While this is a common trait, it might be a minor inconvenience for those who prefer a non-sticky feel.
  • For those with dry skin, pre-moisturizing before application is recommended to ensure even color absorption and prevent any uneven patches.