What To Wear for a Spray Tan

What To Wear for a Spray Tan

Whether it’s your first-time spray tanning or you are a bronzing pro, you want your tan to be flawless and long-lasting. The key to this is the preparations and what you choose to wear for your during and after your session. 

In this article, I will explain the best clothing to wear during and after a spray tan, as well as what to avoid wearing. I will also offer my top tips to give you a positive experience and the best possible outcome.

Key Takeaways

  • Find out from your salon if they provide disposable underwear.
  • Opt for loose-fitting and dark-colored clothing after the session to avoid stains or streaks.
  • Before the spray tan, remove makeup, jewelry, and any oil-based skin products.

What Should You Wear During a Spray Tan?

What Should You Wear During a Spray Tan?

What to wear during a spray tan is one of the biggest questions that first-time spray tanners tend to wonder about and, at times, can make them shy away from giving it a try.

Whether you are more conservative or okay with wearing very little, a spray tan can work for any comfort zone and leave you with beautiful bronzed skin. 

There are different things you can wear when spray tanning; some will give you a better result than others, but it all boils down to what you are comfortable with.  

Be Fully Nude

This is ideal because there are no tanning lines to try to hide, leaving you with an even tan all over your body. You also don’t have to deal with tanning spray landing on anything you might wear and staining. 

Being fully exposed like this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, so if this is not for you, no worries! I’ve got you covered.

Wear a Swimsuit

Wear a Swimsuit

A bikini is another excellent choice and one that could work for those of us who prefer to cover up a little more and don’t mind tan lines. I think we all know it can be a little awkward being undressed while a stranger circles around and sprays you, especially if it’s for the first time.

Over time, however, if you continue to see the same professional for your spray tan needs, you will feel much more at ease. Knowing the professional better and what to expect will make things more comfortable.

A bikini or other swimwear gives you a bit of coverage while allowing the rest of your body to be open to absorb the beautiful bronze color you are going for. 

Pro Tip: If this is what you plan to wear, opt for a black swimsuit and in the washing machine as soon as you get home to prevent the spray tan formula from leaving permanent stains and smells. 

Wear a Thong

Another option to wear during your spray tan session is a dark-colored thong. I say dark because wearing light colors makes discoloration from the tanning formula much more noticeable. 

When you go for a spray tan, they typically provide you with disposable undergarments, such as disposable a thong to wear during the tanning session anyway. These undergarments help protect your intimate areas and ensure that you get an even and natural-looking tan.

If your salon doesn’t provide them, not a big deal; they are widely available on Amazon. They come individually wrapped, are a universal size, and are soft and breathable, perfect to wear during spray tanning.

Disposable thongs are convenient because they leave minimal tan lines. You don’t have to worry about getting the spray tan stains out of the fabric in the wash; you can just throw them away after your session.

What To Avoid Wearing During a Spray Tan

It’s recommended to avoid wearing jewelry and applying any products on your skin before your appointment, such as suntan lotion, makeup, moisturizing oils, skin lotions, chapstick, and lip gloss. 

These products could interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution into your skin, leading to an uneven or streaky tan.

What To Avoid Wearing After Your Spray Tan

What To Avoid Wearing After Your Spray Tan

During and after a spray tan, it’s important to avoid certain items of clothing that can potentially rub off or damage your tan. Here are some stand outs that you should avoid wearing after your new look!

  • Tight Clothing: Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing as it can cause friction against the spray tan, potentially leading to streaks or unevenness in the color.
  • Light-Colored Clothing: Opt for dark-colored clothing to minimize the visibility of any potential tan residue or transfer onto your clothes.
  • Constricting Fabrics: Avoid wearing fabrics that are known to rub against the skin, such as tight tops, leggings, or jeans. Instead, choose loose-fitting clothing options like dresses, baggy shirts, pants, or shorts.


In conclusion, what you wear during a spray tan session can significantly impact the quality and evenness of your tan.

My recommendation is to wear the disposable undergarments provided by the salon to minimize tan lines and ensure a seamless tan all over the body. 

To achieve the best results post spray tan, it’s essential to prioritize loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing to avoid rubbing off the tanning solution and prevent staining.


Do you have to wear a bathing suit for a spray tan?

No, wearing a bathing suit is not a requirement for a spray tan. Many tanning salons offer disposable undergarments, such as disposable underwear or a disposable bikini, for clients to wear during the spray tan session. 

Can you get a spray tan naked?

Some tanning salons or facilities offer the option for clients to receive a spray tan without wearing any clothing to achieve an even and seamless tan all over the body. However, this can vary depending on the salon’s policies and the comfort level of the individual.

Can you wear makeup for a spray tan?

It is generally recommended to avoid wearing makeup before a spray tan to ensure the tanning solution can be applied evenly and effectively to the skin. 

Makeup can create a barrier on the skin’s surface, which may hinder the tanning solution’s absorption and result in an uneven tan.